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  • Absente Etui Van Gogh GB
    First Absinthe on the European market. Launched in May 2000. Distributed to over 50 countries worldwide. Absente has become one of the most famous absinthes worldwide. Known for its sophisticated marketing based on art and history, it is nevertheless a very contemporary drink. The bottle comes enclo..
  • Aperol
    Volume cl: 100
    Created in 1919 and with an unchanged recipe to this day, Aperol has a low alcohol content (11%). Aperol Spritz, its signature drink, has become a cult drink becoming a global phenomenon thanks to its bright color and its light, sparkling and refreshing taste. Aperol Spritz is the ideal drink for ev..
  • Grande Absente
    Grande Absente
    Volume cl: 70
    Taking care to respect the legacy of the spirit, Distilleries Et Domaines De Provence create their Grande Absente Absinthe using a recipe that was devised prior to the spirit's ban, including wormwood. It has been bottled at a traditionally high strength of 69% ABV. ..
  • Lillet Rouge
    Lillet Rouge
    Volume cl: 75
  • Mr. Jekyll Absinth
    Mr. Jekyll Absinth
    Volume cl: 70
    Around the turn of the 20th century Absinth was the preferred drink of intelectuals and artists. Due to the vermouth-extract thujon with its antoxicating effects absinth was forbidden for over 75 years, but can today be distributed again in a restricted and legalised version. Mr. Jekyll Absinth is p..
  • Ouzo 12
    Ouzo 12
    Volume cl: 100
    Ouzo 12 is the Ouzo with the extraordinary aroma of history and tradition. Every single bottle is representative of the soul of Greece. It took its name in 1880 at the Kaloyannis Distillery from "Barrel No.12". This extract was preferred for its rich taste and its delicate aroma. Today, it retains t..
  • Pastis Ricard
    Pastis Ricard
    Volume cl: 100
    Ricard was created in 1932 by the 23 year old entrepreneur Paul Ricard. Ricard is an anise drink with a unique recipe based on the maceration of Chinese star anise, Middle Eastern liquorice roots and a secret blend of aromatic plants from the South of France. It is the liquorice root that gives Rica..
  • Pernod
    Volume cl: 100
    Fruit from a tree cultivated in Northern Vietnam and the southern provinces of China, star anis goes wonderfully with the essences of aromatic plants obtained through distilling. ..
  • Yeni Raki
    Yeni Raki
    Volume cl: 100
    Yeni is a traditional Turkish raki, distilled twice in copper alembics. Raki is frequently drunk with water, the addition of which causes it to throw a milky louche - in this form it is commonly refered to as 'aslan sutu', which translates as 'lion's milk'. ..