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  • Ballantine's 12YO
    Ballantine's 12YO
    Volume cl: 100
  • Ballantine's 7YO Bourbon Barrel
    The latest addition to the core range, Ballantine's 7YO Bourbon Barrel is aged for seven years and finished in bourbon barrels, combining the depth of scotch with the sweet touch of bourbon to give you the best of both worlds. A whisky with all the character of Ballantine's but with an added touch o..
  • Ballantine's Finest
    Ballantine's Finest
    Volume cl: 100
    Ballantine's Finest is a complex, refined and elegant blended Scotch whisky. It is regarded as the taste to satisfy a modern style. The blend’s light gold colour and unmistakable taste come from a complex mix of carefully selected malt and grain whiskies – all aged for many years in high-quality cas..
  • Black & White
    Black & White
    Volume cl: 100
  • Chivas Regal 12YO GB
    Chivas Regal 12YO GB
    Volume cl: 100
    Chivas is a blend of many different malt and grain Scotch whiskies, matured for at least twelve years. This rich, smooth blend balances style with substance and tradition with a modern twist. ..
  • Chivas Regal 18YO GB
    Chivas Regal 18YO GB
    Volume cl: 100
    Chivas 18 is a complex yet refined whisky. An incredible blend of 85 flavour notes in every drop. The creation of our Custodian Master Blender, intent on making a perfectly balanced and exceptionally smooth Scotch. Velvety, with hints of dark chocolate and multi-layered aromas of dried fruit and but..
  • Clan MacGregor
    Clan MacGregor
    Volume cl: 100
    Clan MacGregor whisky honours the MacGregors, one of Scotland's oldest clans. Their renowned history dates back to the 14th century and the bottle proudly displays the Lion's Head Crest, the symbol of the Clan Chief, Sir Malcolm MacGregor. Plenty of dark sugar, toasted nuts and a subtle grassy note ..
  • Claymore
    Volume cl: 100
    The term "claymore" is from the Scottish Gaelic for "great sword", and it's an ancient style of Scottish sword used by the Highlanders. This wonderful blended whisky was created in its honour and was used to toast the King before the Great War. ..
  • Cutty Sark
    Cutty Sark
    Volume cl: 100
    Named after the legendary Tea Clipper ship – the fastest ship of its day – CUTTY SARK is one of the most recognisable Scotch Whiskies in the world since its creation in 1923, with a long and distinguished heritage celebrating the spirit of adventure. CUTTY SARK offers a lighter taste and fresher per..
  • Dimple Pinch 15YO
    Dimple Pinch 15YO
    Volume cl: 100
  • Grant's Triple Wood
    Grant's Triple Wood
    Volume cl: 100
    As you might expect from the name, Grant's Triple Wood features whisky drawn from three types of cask - specifically refill American oak casks, first-fill ex-bourbon casks and virgin American oak casks. An approachable blended Scotch whisky from the world-famous brand, taking the place of the Family..
  • Hankey Bannister Original
  • J&B Rare
    J&B Rare
    Volume cl: 100
  • J.Walker Aged 18YO GB
    J.Walker Aged 18YO GB
    Volume cl: 100
    Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years is a rich and smooth Blended Scotch Whisky crafted from up to 18 different malt and grain whiskies of exceptional quality from throughout Scotland which are each at least 18-years-old. ..
  • J.Walker Black Label
    J.Walker Black Label
    Volume cl: 300
    Johnnie Walker Black Label is Iconic Blend, recognized as the benchmark for all other deluxe blends. Created using only Scotch Whiskies aged for a minimum of 12 years from the four corners of Scotland. Which has an unmistakably smooth, deep, complex character. An impressive Blended Scotch Whisky to ..