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  • Bache Gabrielsen American Oak
    The first of ist kind, this innovative cognac is aged both in French Oak barrels for several years and in authentic new American Tennessee Oak barrels for a minimum of 6 months. While remaining true to the ancestral methods of the blending of the liquid, this unique eau-de-vie incorporates both a tr..
  • Bache Gabrielsen VSOP Triple Cask GB
    An altogether longer ageing process than the established 4 year rule for a VSOP, allied to a third spell in 350 and 400 litre casksall but highlights the audacious nature of our House. Red barrels are not notorious for bringing tannins but rather for allowing a precise micro-oxygenation resulting in..
  • Bisquit Prestige
    Bisquit Prestige
    Volume cl: 100
    40.90€ 49.99€
  • Camus VS Intensity
    Camus VS Intensity
    Volume cl: 100
  • Camus VSOP Intensity GB
    Camus VSOP Intensity GB
    Volume cl: 100
  • Courvoisier XO Ultime GB
  • Davidoff VSOP
    Davidoff VSOP
    Volume cl: 100
  • Davidoff XO GB
    Davidoff XO GB
    Volume cl: 70
  • Godet Antarctica GB
    Godet Antarctica GB
    Volume cl: 50
  • Hennessy VSOP
    Hennessy VSOP
    Volume cl: 100
  • Hennessy XO
    Hennessy XO
    Volume cl: 100
  • Hine H by Hine VSOP
    Hine H by Hine VSOP
    Volume cl: 100
    Twelve years after its initial launch, it was time to design a bottle as energetic and inimitable as the liquid it holds. More than ever H by Hine embodies our leading belief: step off the beaten path. Vibrant, spring-like and refreshing, H by Hine VSOP unveils its audacious brighter new looks. The ..
  • Hine Rare VSOP
    Hine Rare VSOP
    Volume cl: 100
    Founded in 1763, Hine is located in the best wine-growing region of Cognac and has been stewarded by six generations of the same family. Since 1962, Hine has been court supplier to the British royal house. The award-winning Hine Cognac Rare VSOP is a testament to a company that values quality over ..
  • Larsen VS
    Larsen VS
    Volume cl: 100
    The youngest "eaux de vie" of the Larsen range is a blend of matured cognacs coming from various sub-districts from the Fins Bois to the Grande Champagne vineyards. Full bodied flavours of ripe grapes, herbal aromas, smooth, fruity, a fragrant cognac. Taste: Aged in oak casks, this cognac develops ..
  • Larsen VSOP
    Larsen VSOP
    Volume cl: 100
    A blend of well matured old cognacs coming from the Fins Bois and Grande Champagne vineyards. It has the same pleasant characteristics as the V.S.V.C. with more maturity and tannin having stayed longer in Limousin oak barrels. Taste: Full-bodied, with the aroma of ripe grapes and fresh herbs. ..