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  • Bacardi 8 Years GB
    Bacardi 8 Years GB
    Volume cl: 100
  • Bacardi Anejo Cuatro
    Bacardi Anejo Cuatro
    Volume cl: 100
    Bacardi Anejo Cuatro ia a delicious gold rum, ever drop barrel-aged for four years under the Caribbean sun. Perfect for creating elevated cocktails and celebrating everyday moments with your group of friends. ..
  • Bacardi Black Carta Negra
    Following the style established by Don Facundo in 1862, Bacardi Carta Negra is on the light side of traditional dark rums; however it retains a perfect balance despite its robust flavours. It is mellowed in heavily charred barrels which delivers a strong presence of vanilla, caramel, liquorice and m..
  • Bacardi Carta Blanca
    Bacardi Carta Blanca
    Volume cl: 100
  • Bacardi Limon
    Bacardi Limon
    Volume cl: 100
  • Bacardi Razz
    Bacardi Razz
    Volume cl: 100
  • Bacardi Spiced
    Bacardi Spiced
    Volume cl: 100
    The Spiced Rum made in Puerto Rico exemplifies how a variety of flavors - including vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange peel - can be combined to form a perfect finish. ..
  • Brugal Anejo Reserva
    Brugal Anejo Reserva
    Volume cl: 100
    This beautiful orchestra of natural flavours has been created through carefully maturing our rum in oak casks. Notes of chocolate and oak intermingle with a smoothness reminiscent of toffee. This powerfully smooth aged rum is perfect when enjoyed straight, on the rocks or in your favourite cocktail...
  • Captain Morgan Dark
    Captain Morgan Dark
    Volume cl: 100
    The distinctive character of Captain Morgan® Dark Label – its dark, full-bodied colour and rich, distinctive nose – are reminiscent of its legendary Jamaican heritage. Rich, smooth, sweet and distinctive, this is unmistakably Captain Morgan® Original Black Label. ..
  • Captain Morgan Spiced
    Captain Morgan Spiced
    Volume cl: 100
  • Captain Morgan White
    Captain Morgan White
    Volume cl: 100
  • Flor de Cana 20YO 130th Anniversary
    A 20-year-old rum from Flor de Cana, bottled in celebration of its 130th anniversary. Aromas of nutmeg, black pepper, hazelnut and caramel fill the nose, complemented by notes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts, caramel and oaky vanilla throughout the palate. ..
  • Flor de Caña 4 YO Extra Dry
    A sugar-free 4-year old premium rum, light-bodied, with extreme purity and a transparent color. It has an aroma with notes of sweet almonds and vanilla and a flavor with notes of white chocolate and orange essence, with a dry finish. Perfect for classic cocktails and refreshing drinks. ..
  • Havana Club 7 YO
    Havana Club 7 YO
    Volume cl: 100
    Havana Club Anejo 7YO is a stylish and exceptionally rich rum. A voluptuous, silky entry leads to a balanced yet extraordinarily complex palate of vibrant and refined warm cocoa, vanilla, sugar cane, chestnut and caramelised tropical fruit flavours braced by firm, smooth oak and rich brown spice. Wi..
  • Havana Club Anejo 3YO
    Havana Club Anejo 3YO
    Volume cl: 100
    Havana Club 3YO is the most prestigious of all white rums, bringing a touch of unparalleled class to all cocktails and blends. It is the result of blending aged and aromatic sugar-cane ingredients with extra light sugar-cane distillates to produce a selection of young rums. This batch of rums is the..